Monday, October 19, 2009


Here I found an old interview.

-We love woman....- saying Sergei Selyanov in interview about how he became famous Russian producer. I'm one of them. One more brick in his way to be a star. Now he is shooting movie with Bodrov in Japan. And me still wondering why didn't I get even paid after signing my contract with Sergei Selyanov? This is Russian way of Producing movie. Bodrov Jr. is another Brick. And American actor who came to the set of Balabanov's film "American" and got depressed and started well. Young girl actress from Balabanov's film About North - another brick. I wonder why if someone kills a person not in the movie set - they have to go to jail and if I director like Balabanov - kills so many people on the different sets - he gets money for another film. Also after what Selyanov did to me - sent me to "look for another bottom" (4 years in Strip club) - now he hangs up the phone when I call....

Transvaal (AL GORE) Park was a popular waterpark in Yasenevo, a south district of MoscowRussia. With several large, heated pools, including a wave pool and twisting "river" for tubing, it became one of the most popular attractions in the Moscow area and a symbol of the country's bloom of private enterprise. It was based on an African theme, and its name came from the South African province ofTransvaal. It also included a sauna.
On February 14, 2004 the roof of the park collapsed, killing 28 people and injuring many more. Engineer Nodar Kancheli, who had designed the structure, claimed that terrorists likely attacked the attraction, but the cause turned out to be a faulty design.

we had Dar (1994)

A medical centre for people with spinal column trauma is to be built on the former site of the park.


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