Thursday, October 15, 2009

1997. One page from my diary.

Yesterday I spent evening with a family of very famous director from Ashabat (Turkmenistan) and he and his DP, his wife and 2 daughters we watched my documentary and all other work I did Last semester. They really liked it. And they showed me a new film that they just finished about earthquake in Ashhabat in 1953. It's unbelievable. They made more then two hours movie with huge amount of extras and real earthquake (they really crushed buildings and houses) for $800 000. And it's on 35 mm and looks beautiful. The uncle of a director (his name is Murat Aliev) is a president of Turkmenistan. That's why they could crush everything they wanted. I think it's very funny. Very impressive. And they such a nice simple people. They where drinking vodka and having good family. Very open hearted people.  And next week I'll have screening at Russian highest courses of cinematography and screenwriting in Moscow. Very-very old famous Russian director (Meta) will look at my work.  Well, now I have to go to "Mosfilm"- studio in Moscow to see the editing of Murat's film. They doing a new cut, because the president of Turkmenistan didn't like some moments. Isn't it weird?

In Moscow is very hot this days! To get to Moscow I have to spend 2 hours by train. I don't drive here.

This we shot on location in Saint Petersburg in 2004. From the beginning things went wrong: Sergei Selyanov didn't want to use the camera man I had promise to work with, Ed Lochman. Sergei thought it would cost too much money to invite him for 10 000$ to Russia. (Usually he cost much more!) I thought it was ok because he wanted to come and make my movie. He waited for us to make a decision until the last minute. Sergei said "No". So I had to work with Russian camera man, Sergei Astahov, but he was calling my movie - a movie about prostitutes. And it was wrong. But after ten years of thinking about it every single day full time. And hoping to make my movie, I was really happy to start. And also I needed to finish my book.

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