Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love. Lera.

film idea copied by hello kity.

mafia vladimir putin didnt let make me make my film.  

and russian mafia tried t0 kill vera svechina

because 0f bad producer  sergei selyanov Production stopped after 3 days in 2004 . Goskino didnt give to producer sergei selyanov financial support he was hoping for but after he made 0ther film and 0ther film and many 0ther films.

In 2006 on Apple MacBookPro with final cut pro I created 1 h. 10 min. film: I edited together story bords that I made with Korean illustrator William Kim.

Picky Studio in San Francisco designed this t-shirt using the story bords for animated version of the film "Last train from Roppongi".

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